Mad Red

Three figures are wound up and set to run amok with a desperation that suggests time is running out: a man with a fur fetish; a woman wearing shiny new red clogs; and a pink grandma grinding out electro.

All that is nasty, pretty and dreamy in the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood is distilled to create a skew-whiff fantasy. Mad Red is a personal view on socialization realized with a maximum of physical and emotional vigour.

The characters appear to be led by an unseen hand and take on automaton qualities. They are adrenalized by thumping drum beats and bass lines which drive them to acts of self destruction executed with prescision and acrobatic agility.

Mixing and cutting dance, acrobatics and theatre with live sound defines Mad Red’s raw and instinctive style. This work is a compulsive reaction to urbanity, a foreboding of what is to come.

Mirabelle Wouters
Lee Wilson

Mirabelle Wouters
Lee Wilson
Rose Turtle

live music performance/ composition
Rose Turtle

Geert Peymen

Hildegard De Vuyst


Tour Dates

Strumpet, Performance Space Sydney
10-12 December 1998.

Victoria Festival, Ghent, Belgium
25 April 1999.

De Beweeging, Antwerp, Belgium
07 April 2000.

Het Oude Badhuis, Antwerp, Belgium
06 June 2000,

Victoria, Ghent, Belgium
27-28 June 2000

Mad Red was supported by Noordstar Fonds vzw, Victoria Theater and Arts NSW.