Air Time at Wollongong Town Hall

Air Time


There are few theatre companies that subvert expectations and present bodies in motion quite like Branch Nebula. Air Time is experimental and absurd and punk rock. This isn’t a normal stunt show. It is medium-bending, genre-breaking, pure theatre.

Bradley Ward, Theatre Travels 24 April 2023

In Air Time skate ramps tower over the audience, propelling BMXers, skaters, dancers and parkourists with extreme speed and height.

The chaotic and anarchic street energy of Air Time is exhilarating with the risk and danger of bodies on foot and bodies on wheels colliding in a confined space. Air Time is a thrilling nexus of wheels in motion with the elegant flow of dance and parkour.

Air Time builds on Branch Nebula’s extensive street-style work established over a decade of showcasing outstanding talent. Way back in 2004 Branch Nebula brought the virtuosity of street culture into the theatre for the first time, with Paradise City touring all over Australia and to four cities in Brazil. Next they swopped it around for the ultimate challenge to choreograph in an actual skatepark with dancers and parkourists, running and dancing amongst the skaters and BMXers in Concrete and Bone Sessions for the 2013 Sydney Festival. However, taking over a skatepark with a choreographed show wasn’t fair on local users, which is where Snake Sessions came from, an improvised show that infiltrates a skate park alongside the locals as they continue using it.

In Air Time, Branch Nebula comes full circle with a return to the theatre and a more complex and spectacular show honouring our history and using the knowledge of the artforms and subcultures informed by nearly two decades of immersing ourselves and our audiences in street-style performances.

Air Time is a composed collision between various urban artforms moving through obstacles together as individual bodies in a disrupted space creating fresh contexts

—Feras Shaheen, performer collaborating artist

Tristan Hodder (parkour)
Cloé Fournier (dance)
Feras Shaheen (dance)
Alex Hiam (BMX)
Austin Gray (skateboard)
Tia Pitman (rollerskating)

Nakula Boag (skateboard)
Jakeb Dugdell (BMX)

Lee Wilson
Mirabelle Wouters

composer/sound designer
Phil Downing

lighting designer
Fausto Brusamolino

Marnie Palomares

production manager and special effects designer
Alejandro Rolandi

stage manager
Madelaine Osborn

produced by
Jennifer Greer Holmes


Opening Season

Merrigong Theatre Company
20-22 April 2023,
1.30 & 7.30 pm.
Wollongong Town Hall

Air Time is developed with the support of the Australian Government through the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund.