Art is everywhere. Every space is an art space. Everyone is a participant.


Established in 1999 Branch Nebula is a distinct voice in Australian performance culture. We have enjoyed international success and have been presented by major cultural institutions, yet our work resists easy consumption. We are driven by a deep dissatisfaction with the hierarchies that shape the world, the structures that rank and grade, the barriers that warp and constrain. We value the devalued, spotlight the marginal, and celebrate the clefts in the concrete where the weeds push through. And we have fun with this. In the windy space between the car park and the shopping mall, in the graffitied underpass, and in the piss-stained stairwell built then abandoned, we find pockets of paradise.

What fuels us as artists is going to skate, BMX, and breakdance comps, protest marches, vogue balls, book clubs, crochet circles, punk gigs, bush walks, dance parties, and shopping at the mall. 

– Lee Wilson & Mirabelle Wouters, Co-Artistic Directors


BN is led by founding artists Lee Wilson and Mirabelle Wouters. Wilson has 35 years’ experience performing, directing and choreographing, having trained at the University of Western Sydney’s Theatre Nepean. His credits include Post Arrivalists, Acrobat, and dramaturgy with Nick Power’s dance productions. Wouters is a Belgian/Australian designer, educated in industrial design with 23 years’ experience making work for large-scale outdoor and indoor theatre with her signature use of found space, recycled costume and light. Together they have developed an astonishing body of work that has toured festivals and presentation houses around Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

In 2019 Jennifer Greer Holmes joined the Branch Nebula team first as communication and development manager and since 2021 as company producer. Jennifer brings over 20 years’ experience in arts and artist management, spanning festival management and programming, as well as developing and producing dozens of new performance works across Australia and the world.

Mirabelle Wouters

Co-Artistic Director

Lee Wilson

Co-Artistic Director

Jennifer Greer Holmes

Executive Producer

There are many lines you can follow in Branch Nebula’s work over the past 20 years. There’s the way they work the body – the special things it can do, the training regimes it can submit to, its cracks and flaws. There are the spaces this body can inhabit and be seen – stages, plazas, parks, and faux plazas and parks on stages. And there is the audience: what it wants from these bodies and spaces. And running through all the work is a passion for the vulnerable and the marginal. 

–John Baylis, Branch Nebula: Seeking Flow, 2019

Commissioning Partners

Since 1999, we have staged 15 major productions, curated 4 major live art events, toured work to 40 cities worldwide, and employed 107 artists, including 55 culturally and linguistically diverse artists, and 61 young and emerging artists. Our presenters span Europe, Latin America, the UK and Asia, and we develop ongoing relationships through workshops, residencies and collaborations.

Funding Partners

Branch Nebula is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.