How Not to Climb a Mountain

In Development

How Not to Climb a Mountain experiments with a series of actions and tasks where physical failure forms the choreographic language. Through sharing the process of attempting impossible tasks, that may never be attained, and the idea of the task, an outrageous proposition. The mountain is made of mistakes, unintentional outcomes, and uncertainty. The work, like life, is uncertain, incorrect, and uncontrolled. In How Not to Climb a Mountain the self-assured artist as guide is subverted to the point of being non-existent, instead we see performers raw, insecure, and exposed.

collaborating artists
Skye Gellmann
Lee Wilson
Mirabelle Wouters

Jennifer Greer Holmes

How Not to Climb a Mountain had its first development at Vitalstatistix in Adelaide as part of Adhocracy 2023.