‘Innovative, fun and real talent.’
‘Dynamic, encouraging and brave.’
‘Fun, experimental and inclusive.’

—audience responses

demi-DEMO parachutes into your space with a team of champion skaters, BMXers, parkourists and dancers. With freakish skills and the danger level amped up, the speed of wheels vs. the vulnerability of bodies on foot, demi-DEMO is tightly choreographed within a compact set up of portable ramps. This highly mobile performance can be situated on any suitable surface.

demi-DEMO is a 13 minute performance followed by 30-minute workshops with the performers. The audience will experience the artistry of a choreographed street-style performance and then has the opportunity to meet the artists and participate in a workshop with them. The team from demi-DEMO will lead techniques in skateboarding, BMX, parkour/free-running, and dance. Ages 6+ and beginners to intermediates are welcomed.

Instructors were friendly and knowledgeable, they really assisted my kids with the basics and instilled confidence and curiosity.’ 

—parent of workshop participant

Carl Luiker (parkour)
Cloé Fournier (dance)
Thore Saggau (Flatland BMX)
Sari Simpson (skater)
Austin Gray (skater)

Lee Wilson
Mirabelle Wouters

Lucy Cliché

Jennifer Greer Holmes

production manager
Alejandro Rolandi

marketing manager
Kelly Lovemonster

audio system consultant
Phil Downing

original performers
Antek Marciniec, Kathryn Puie, Gonzalo Bellanti, Adam Haydec


Tour Dates

Customs House Forecourt,
City of Sydney

8-18 April 2021, 3pm and 5pm.

Blacktown City Festival
20-23 May 2022, 1pm, 2.45pm and 4pm.
Alpha Park, Blacktown

5-7 August 2022

Gold Coast
13-14 August 2022

Mount Druitt
10-12 November 2022

demi-DEMO is a Branch Nebula production created with the support of the City of Sydney.